About Us

Thank you for stopping by Atlanta Vibez! I am your CEO Jaz. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga.  Atlanta Vibez originated in 2022 after I separated from a Corporate Company in December of 2021. I am thankful for this transition because it inspired me to build an empire of my own. In just one month, I relocated from Atlanta with my children to Ohio. My whole mindset was to bring Atlanta to Ohio. from our style to the way we vibe. I knew I would be the perfect individual to execute a facility that would be able to cater to multiple needs and keep you all coming back for more. This one-stop shop is built on Family and Passion. You will feel right at home and be well taken care of. You will not only be able to shop online, you can come in store too! We aim to please and we will go Global! Bringing Atlanta to Ohio is just the beginning. It's the Atlanta Vibe you don’t wanna miss! Welcome!